no but this is literally how the scene went

eeeeeeeee your art is so amazing and I love how far it stretches. So glad I'm following you <3

aw geez anon you are too kind 


well im super lucky to have followers like you!!

trying not to make this too much of a page-strecher, here’s a couple of extra things from that crazy john<3<tav campstuck fanventure. notably the entire work in the form of my thumbnail sketches lmfao watch out bc those pics are pretty big.

Even though you don’t know much about trolls, you figure that an INTERCAMP RIVALRY is long overdue.  Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen when two summer camps are across the lake from each other?

FINALLY voting/confidentiality period is over and I can post this. basically: my hswc team (JOHN<3<TAV 2014!) and i worked on this fanventure for like a month or smth and you should check it out!! I did most of the artwork on john’s side and tbh im pretty proud of it, it was a lot of drawings. to further motivate you here is a promo image and my four favorite panels from the work.YEAH

forever my favorite dynamic duo <333

ok this is basically a re-post but i reformatted my favorite pjo/hoodrawing for print format haha and i rly like it in basically bc ive always liked this drawing. also i got to draw more dragon 

more sketches pffff. ive been kind of making subtle tweaks to my style, trying out new stuff. ofc with john as a guinea pig bc he’s my comfort character for drawing haha. 

sketches of younger!tenzin?? im trying to kind of differentiate him from drawing aang….somehow…

also ive been thinking: aang probably never had to rly stress abt propagating the single existing airbender line bc he’d been dating katara since they were basically preteens but for poor tenzin puberty must’ve been literal hell LMAO….

170 再生

Title: Planetarium
Album: Orbital period

idk if i can rly call these a series, its more just an elaborate excuse to draw skies

but why dont more kip gijinkas have mohawks huh!!! is my point here

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